Case Study - Brides Cottage, Harefield, Glous

This picturesque thatched cottage was renovated back in the 1980's, using modern building materials and methods, which were not appropriate or sympathetic to the building  

Recently Brides Cottage was purchased by our clients Ivor & Christine Duarte who engaged us to rectify some of the issues caused by the earlier renovation and some general maintenance and repair


Scope of Works

  • Replace existing concrete floor slab with breathable limecrete floor slab
  • Hack out and re-point stone work in lime mortar
  • Internal lime plastering
  • Take down and rebuild stone stair case in lime mortar
  • Lay stone slab and clay quarry tile flooring all bedded and pointed in lime mortar
  • Dry diamond core drill holes through solid stone walls to allow ventilation ducts
  • Repair chimney stacks

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